Gizmo Remote Head



The Gizmo is a highly capable two axis head, designed for heavier camera packages.
It is easy and quick to set up, whilst not compromising on performance or features.



Reliable Simplicity

Plug and play right out of the road case. Just one cable links the controls to the head.

The controls are intuitive for the camera operator and grips alike - simply switch the console on, and you are ready to shoot.



Sliding dovetail chassis

The size and balance of both axis can be adjusted precisely, without tools, even when the camera is mounted.

Keep the head compact whilst on a dolly or rig, then swiftly resize it for increased flexibility when on a crane.



Optional side support

Using the side support provides rock-solid performance at maximum payload (40kg).

Or leave it off if you prefer a smaller, nimbler package (payload 27kg).




Digital control

Whether you choose hand wheels or pan bar, the controls are smooth and precise. Hand wheels are beautifully weighted, and the pan bar uses a high grade fluid mechanism from Cartoni.

The control console provides digital features including:

  • soft stops
  • pan & tilt limits
  • programmable positions
  • programmable moves



Balance and power

Powerful motors and precision of balancing mean even the longest and heaviest cameras can be flown without the head struggling.

Counterweights are provided to balance extremely long packages - look vertically down whilst maintaining perfect balance and control.




Grip friendly

It's important to be streamlined and fast on set. Every aspect of the Gizmo system is designed by grips, for grips - to get the job done.

  • Lightweight, organised Pelican cases.
  • Well-presented operator's station that is quick to set up and wheel around.
  • Clear pictorial user's manual.




Photo: Sarah Turner


Max payload
(with side support)
Max payload
(without side support)
(with side support)
(without side support)
Max speed of pan and tilt 360 degrees2 seconds
Mounting typeMitchell
Control typeHandwheels or Pan Bar
Control cables60, 40, 40, 20 feet = 160 feet total
Camera power supplied28V and 12V DC, selectable by cable used
  • Operator's station - baby legs, wheeled base, drummer's stool
  • Camera power cables for Arri (Alexa & Mini), Sony (including Panavised F55), RED, Generic 12V
  • GFM camera plate
  • Castle nut wrench and tools
  • Griptech Hi Hat
  • Counterweight plate and counterweights
  • Weather covers
(with side support)
View diagram
(without side support)
View diagram


Gizmo Remote Head
Price per day$850 + GST
Price per week$2550 + GST


Download: Gizmo Brochure (pdf)

Download: Gizmo Sale List (pdf)

Link: Gizmo product page